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Traxon Butler XT2 Spec sheet: ButlerXT2 Spec Sheet
Traxon Butler XT2 Manual:
ButlerXT2 Manual
Traxon LED Butler XT2

Similar to the Butler S2 but with more connectivity options, the Butler XT2 is a DMX512/RDM engine that can be used in standalone mode to replay and standalone features previously uploaded lighting shows, programmed using with the e:cue software suite. The Butler XT2 allows control and playback of up to eight independently controlled zones in standalone mode. This Engine has many connectivity options used to control the lighting show running on the device including direct connection to Glass Touch User Terminals, RS232, digital dry contact inputs, and e:cue protocols. It can be controlled using a custom graphical user interface in conjunction with a web browser or via free apps designed for iOS and Android™ devices over a wireless connection1.
  • Up to eight independently controlled zones in standalone mode
  • Control up to 1024 DMX512/RDM channels
  • Supports RDM protocol for bidirectional communication
  • Internal real-time and astronomical clock with daylight savings options
  • Easily upload lighting show files via Ethernet
  • Reliable uninterrupted operation
  • Scalable up to 65,536 channels in online mode, 16,384 in standalone mode with more XT2 devices or in combination with Butler S2
  • Integrated webserver, remote control of lighting shows via web browser or iOS-systems1, Android Systems1
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