How LED Lighting Control Systems Work

Sometimes it is not enough to simply illuminate a sign or an area. Sometimes the client requests something more sophisticated such as dimming or color changing animations. With the proper controllers and good quality LED systems you can achieve elegant installations, easy to control installations without having to go back to school first.
LED Control Systems come in all sorts of designs, sophistication, and price levels. The possibilities though are almost endless:

  • You can dimm your installation
  • You can create color changing animations using RGB/RGBW LED systems
  • You can make the system flash and pulse
  • You can even control individual pixels and create very large LED screens

The typical approach to dimming a constant current controlled LED is through Pulse Width Modulation (PWM; When dimming an LED system using PWM one places a dimmer between the secondary outlet of the power supply and the LED array. The dimmer then modulates the on and off phases of the LED at a very high frequency. The relation between the on and off cycle of the LED then determine the brightness of the LED. Light emitting diodes are especially suited for this type of control thanks to their very fast switching time.
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LED Dimmers receive either an analog signal such as provided by a 0-10V dimmer or a digital signal as provided by a DMX controller. In essence the dimmer is a decoder that translates analog or digital signals into a PWM signal.
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Finally, there are also dimmers available that either already have a pre-set program (scenes) installed or can have one added (typically via SD Card). The individual programs can then be activated via a wall switch or remote control.

When it comes to sophisticated lighting applications we would like to offer you the following services:

  • Creation of a component list for the LED technology (lighting solution)
  • Creation of a component list for the required controller technology
  • 3D animation for custom applications
  • Wiring diagram (upon receipt of the order)
  • DMX programming
  • Phone and even on-sight support when requested