President Eurocom
Dr. Henning von Mangoldt
NP Lighting/Eurocom
Vice President Eurocom
Kurt Maerschel
Chief Operating Officer
Tel.: 972-791-4401
Senior Lighting Specifier
Robert Costa
Senior Lighting Specifier
Tel.: 412-367-8945
Office Manager
Ketevan Karukhnishvili
Office Manager
Tel.: 972-791-4401
RGB LED Facade

In 1987, the Dallas, TX operation was started. We began by introducing highly refined European technology to the North American sign industry. Some of the introduced items included the ever-popular Euro-Brite electrodes, refined phosphor coated tubing, and the purest laboratory quality gases available.
In addition to these offerings, we strived to raise the level of insight and knowledge in this fast paced industry. Our goals to provide high quality solutions to the lighting industry and assist the sign industry of North America through specialized service began to take shape and Eurocom has been expanding ever since. With highly trained personnel manufacturing at our European and South American facilities, the international Neon Products Group provides its customers with outstanding value, excellent service and support, and the highest quality products. As a manufacturing distributor, we assist our customers in being more competitive in their market by eliminating the inefficiency and hassle of dealing with conventional distributors.

Eurocom is present in all important light source markets worldwide. The experience gained in our international activities is put at your full disposal. And it is this experience that permits us to develop new technologies and to improve our existing products again and again. Take a look for yourself!