LED Neon Flextube for Contour Lighting
Please note that the Eurocom LED Flextube is not a stock item but must be ordered on a per project basis.
LED Flextube

The LED Flextube is probably the LED technology that comes closest to simulating the look (if not the feel) of neon tubing. Their flexibility, form, and available colors open a wide range of new lighting possibilities for lighting designers and architects. The mushroom shaped PVC dome on top creates a light viewing angle of 270˚ and a light output angle of 160˚ thus creating a three dimension lighting effect.
Building contours, light sculptures, store- and bridge lighting etc. are only some of the possible applications. With a center placement of the power supply you can achieve runs of up to 65 feet. The connector technology we developed for this product provides an ingress protection rating of IP68 making their application in outside and wet locations possible.

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System Type:
LED Neon Flextube
Circuit Type:
24VDC; Parallel
Available Light Colors:
W, WW, R, G, B, RGB
Jacket Material and Colors:
PVC UV Stabilized; Ivory, white, and colors
Viewing Angle:
Rated Life (L70):
50000 hours @ 80˚F ambient Temperature
Control Options:
Dimm and Toggle
Operating Temperature:
-4˚F up to +113˚F
Unit of Sale:
1 Roll = 65’
LED Swimming Pool Lighting
Application Example:
LED Neon Flextube installation to provide contour lighting while submerged 3’ under water. This is possible due to the IP68 rating of the Flextube.
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